Best in Blackpool


Pleasure  Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach  is the No 1 attraction  in Blackpool and the UK.with 6 million visitors a year.
Some unique and rare rides still run, and are well preserved. The Grand National Roller coaster, one of only 3 surviving in the world,

the others are in the US.

Built in 1935 it is still one of the favourite coasters in the world. Two coasters race each other on which appears to be double track,

but it is single track which goes around twice, cleverly designed with a 'mobious loop'

 - note after the race, the coasters have swapped sides when arriving back at the station - is it the 'Twilight Zone'? A real thrill !

Modern coasters including Infusion a Suspended Looping Coaster, and Pepsi Max Big One, Blackpool has many 'White Knuckle' rides.

Be warned the 'Wild mouse' coaster, again the last one, is no tame mouse !!!
On South Pier there is a modern type 'Crazy Mouse', which spins - if you want a headache go for it !

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Pepsi Max Big One dominates the picture.



Steeplechase ride - last one operating in the world

Derby Racer - Beautifully restored, only 3 left in the world. the others are in the U.S.
Complete with organ. This is a fast carousel without the poles- hold on tight!

The new ride at the pleasure beach 'Infusion'  Completely suspended over water!!
Looks fantastic next to the 'Big One' a real asset to the park.
It is a Vekoma suspended looping coaster.  Vekoma, Nertherlands  - top quality!